Eat Clean.  Get Lean.  Train McMeen.  


Bringing her training experience from the streets of New York City, Lindsey is ready to take on Chicago!  Helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is Lindsey’s number one priority; beyond her career – it is who she is as a person and she could not imagine doing anything else with her life.  There are many reasons a person might want to work with a personal trainer, whether it is to lose weight, train for a race, tone up or just become a healthier person overall.

After losing 70 pounds in less than a year, Lindsey committed her life to helping others experience the power of such an incredible transformation. In order to make the workout as easy and convenient as possible, Lindsey acts as a "mobile trainer" by traveling to each client, without the need for a gym. She understands the struggle of dieting and exercise and the stress it can cause because she has been through it herself!  Therefore, she custom tailors a nutritional program with counseling throughout the client's training. 

Check out packages and testimonials below!  For bridal specific training please see Bridal Bootcamp.


TRAIN SOLO (in Chicago city center)
$90 single session

TRAINING PACKAGES (in Chicago city center)
Solo 10 pack $810
Doubles 10 pack $400
3+ Group 10 pack $315

TRAIN SOLO (outside Chicago city center)
$120 single session


TRAIN TOGETHER (groups of two)
$50 per person per session (outside Chicago city center $75)

TRAIN TOGETHER (groups of 3+)
$35 per person per session (outside Chicago city center $50)



Mondays: 6am, 7am, 6:10pm

Wednesdays: 6am, 7am




Training with Lindsey via Skype has changed how I feel about fitness; she really makes working out fun and pushes me to reach my goals. Her laugh is the best part!



I've been working out with Lindsey for 6 months now, and I've never felt (or looked) better! Her breadth of experience (spinning, running, weightlifting, etc) keeps me on my toes week to week; her workouts are perfectly tailored to meet my needs; and her positive attitude is addictive. I consider Lindsey not just a trainer and mentor, but more importantly, a close friend. I can't wait for what she does next!!



While this sounds incredibly cliche, working out with Lindsey made me love working out. She made me want to work out. She showed me how strong my body really is, and perhaps most importantly, she really gets it. She understands the struggles of real people, living real lives, with real bodies. Bottom line: when I moved out of Manhattan to the suburbs, I wouldn't ever think of getting another trainer. It just wouldn't be the same as Lindsey.