Having been through it myself...I get it, all of it. 

Originally from outside Madison, WI, Lindsey moved to NYC with hopes of finding a career that she would be passionate about, not just something to pay the bills.  Two years into working in corporate America she realized her passions lied in exercising, nutrition and above all, helping others.  It took no time for her to make the transition into full-time health and fitness after that!

Lindsey went through her own transformation around ten years ago.  She was an all-state athlete in high school but her healthy habits fell to the wayside in college leading to an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle.  Maxing out at 215lbs at the end of her junior year she knew she needed to make a change.  Beginning running (slowly), implementing a new strength training routine and taking control of her nutrition helped her to lose 70lbs in just under one year!  Knowing what it truly takes to lose weight – all of the struggles, walls and frustrations – allows Lindsey to be a better trainer and coach.  She knows exactly what you’re going through every step of the way!

Taking the knowledge she’s gained through her experiences in NYC she is incredibly excited to tackle the Chicago health and fitness scene!  Don’t miss out!

Whether you work out with her via Personal Training or in one of her Barry's Bootcamp classes you are guaranteed to love every motivating, sweat-drenched minute!