September Brings About Change

Does anyone else feel the change in energy that happens in the beginning of fall?

Summer comes to an end, the air takes on a new crispness and everyone’s focus 

seems to hone in again after a few months off.  Autumn is a perfect time to start 

setting new goals.   Maybe you haven’t done that race you’ve been talking about all 

year?  Sign up for it.  Maybe these last three months packed on a couple extra 

drinking/BBQ pounds and it’s time to make some changes to get back that pre-

summer body?  Sit down and set up a plan.  Simple changes go a long way, what are 

you waiting for?  That’s what I thought.

My big change was making the move from New York City to Chicago to not just 

shake things up at the beginning of turning 30, but also to put myself in a place 

where I can see myself growing professionally and personally.  It wasn’t an easy 

decision, but I know it was the right one.  It’s so wonderful being back in the 


This blog will be a platform to spread positive messages about health, fitness and 

wellness all across the spectrum from articles to pictures to workouts.  Helping even 

one person to become healthier, happier, stronger, is what makes me get up in the 

morning.  You are all amazing – be good to your bodies – here’s to changing it up and 

crushing the rest of 2015!