Lots of changes!!

It's been a fun summer and fall!  Not only have I started working at the unbelievable Barry's Bootcamp (yay!), I've also been promoted to Master Instructor at Flywheel (extra yay!)!!

With Thanksgiving next week it's a great time to regroup and think about how you're going to stay healthy through the holidays.  Work holiday parties, candy bowls a plenty, and family gatherings make for bad food and drink choices all around.  Splurging is fine within moderation...MODERATION.  Keep your health and fitness goals in mind as you go through this season - don't let them slip through the cracks and need to start over January 1!

Also in the news - I've FINALLY put my music up on Soundcloud.  You can find the Current Tracks I'm bumping to in class these days on both the Barry's and Flywheel tabs above - just scroll down!

So excited about what is to come!